Public Awareness

Public Awareness is not only directed toward oil & gas but the utility world in general.
Public Awareness means the general level of understanding of a certain topic.
We, as consultants, are working on raising awareness for the utility world.
It is our way to build a common understanding of those industries,
it also creates shared values on how they should be used and managed.
Raising awareness is not the same as telling people what they are suppose to do.
It explains issues and provides knowledge for people to make their own informed decisions.
We cover two different areas, the first, general public awareness, which includes land owners, universities and third parties.
The other area is the utility companies that includes audit, programs, law and regulations.
We work closely with them to develop communications, campaigns, events, training and speaking engagements.
Our goal is to continue to support those efforts.
We provide transparency as well as leaner processes to help them navigate the regulatory world.
We are the bridge that closes the gap in public awareness space.
Providing the support they need to move forward for a safer and better future.