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We at EDG & Associates are active contributors for other books, magazines and blogs.
We believe in sharing our expertise in joint collaboration with others.

We are excited to announce Emma is now a Top Mentor on the newly released platform called Wisdom.
You can listen to her everyday on her live show.
Emma started a new collaboration on Wisdom with Sami Parker! Their new show is called “The Sami et Emma Show” aka “The See Show”. They are live on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evening starting at 6:30 PM EST. 

The leadership module from international Coach Ross Swan is available here

We are pleased to announced a new book from Emma DiGallo called
The 8 Financial Breakthroughs for any company” How I find 10K in 45 minutes. 

We are pleased to announce the second anticipated book Emma Di Gallo has collaborated with other leaders and influencers is now available on Amazon. The second book is called “Though Road Creates Though People”

Tough Road Creates Tough People (Vol.1) by [Duckworth-Bradshaw, Anita]

The first book available on Amazon  is called “You are more than enough” get your copy today!