About US

EDG & Associates is the brain child of our founder.
We can describe our company as “East meets West”.
Our company is multidimensional like our founder.

We are not your typical consulting company, we are also focused on the utility world and regulatory,
we have great speakers, writers, program managers and life coaches that provide unparalleled services.

Our founder have worked for over 24 years in 5 different industries as a consultant.
She has utilized her talents, skills, visionary and innovations across each industry.
As a problem solver, she has simplified and edited cumbersome processes,
she has bridged the gap within internal and external stakeholders to deliver data and products to the market.
As a visionary she has developed programs to further communication and information to improve regulations

She is bold and groundbreaking, she is unconventional, always two steps ahead.

Working with someone who has such a high level of clarity, speed and delivery can move your company to the next level.

Our team is comprised of individuals that have a wide range of expertise. We work internationally across different industries.

The world is our playground, our mission is to help individuals and companies to archive their best.
As problem solvers we are the bridge that can provide you with the right solutions.